July 9, 2006

Japanese port-o-potty

This hiatus brought to you by....

Apple Computer!

After blatantly ignoring my own advice and ordering one of the first Macbook Pros off the assembly line, all was peachy as my homeostasis (my powerbook) seemed to hum along with the occasional speed boost thanks to actualy Universal Binaried Ying-Yanged software. Soon random I/O errors became major ones, and a 2 week bad-block scan confirmed my greatest fears - I got a lemon. While I've been able to swing my weight around in the past for some better access to the Apple Death Star, they didn't seem to be having it this time around.

Around April this thing spent a week sitting in the Apple Store Soho, victim of an errant character in the serial number, which is odd because they use barcode scanners for those by now. Once finally shipped to Texas, my prognosis was confirmed, a bad HD. So not only had I lost all the work I had used it for since first getting it around April 15th, but I was without the book for almost a complete month. In other words, I've been in a personal hell because my powerbook is like an arm or a leg and without it I am severly disabled.

To make matters worse, I was excited to upgrade to Movable Type 3.2 until I realized I already was running it. The last major update to this blogging software was almost a full year ago! Only now are they pubicly beta-testing version 3.3. In this downtime, something seems to have zapped a great many comments, among other things, so this environment too, will need some significant maintenance.

So, to this of you who actually read this thing, I'm sorry sorry sorry, but I have a few long plane rides ahead of me to finally get everything humming along again...

Until then, it's baseball season!~!!! Let's play ball!

Blog along with me and some Mets diehards!!

Why is it that the number of Mets blogs completely dwarfs any other team, especially the evil empire up in the Bronx?

May 30, 2006

If I was invisible....

New Materials Bring Invisibility a Step Closer
By Tracy Staedter, Discovery News

May 26, 2006— Building a cloak of invisibility, Harry Potter-style, just got a little easier.

Two methods now precisely describe how a new class of engineered materials could be used to guide waves of electromagnetic radiation — including light — around objects, bestowing invisibility.

In the near future, the technique could shield stealth aircraft from radar detectors and protect equipment from unwanted radiation. But in the long term, the optical illusion could offer new ways to hide things in broad daylight.

"To turn this into something practical is not easy. But there is hope that this could be done because of new developments in optic materials," said Ulf Leonhardt of the University of St. Andrews in the U.K.

Leonhardt and John Pendry of the Imperial College London independently reported their work in this week's issue of Science.

Specially-designed "metamaterials" built on semiconductor chips, they report, can be tuned to divert approaching electromagnetic radiation in another direction.

Other researchers have been investigating how to use these materials to produce invisibility devices.

But Leonhardt and Pendry are the first to precisely calculate how a sphere or cylinder made from metamaterial could be designed to redirect the flow of oncoming waves of radiation around it. An object inside such a sphere would be rendered invisible.

To manipulate the waves, the researchers capitalize on light's proclivity to move along the path of least resistance.

That phenomenon produces familiar optical illusions, such as the way light bends when passing between air and water. A fish beneath the surface appears to be in one place, but try to grab him and you quickly realize his location was a trick of light.

Scientists describe how light behaves in a given material with a number known as the refractive index.

Leonhardt and Pendry have shown that if a material's refractive index could be changed from point to point, light rays might avoid it entirely.

How a cloaking device might actually look remains unclear. But it would employ the metamaterials built onto semiconductor chips and move radiation or light waves at specific speeds along a path of least resistance—that path being the edge of the sphere. The waves would flow around the sphere like a fluid and return to their original path undisturbed.

To the observer, the item in the center of the sphere would go unseen.

But there are still big hurdles to overcome before an invisibility cloak can be made real. So far, the calculations only account for one wavelength of light at the same time. And while that might work for radar applications, it wouldn't work for the entire spectrum of wavelengths in visible light at once, said Mark Dennis, a research fellow at the University of Southampton in the U.K.

"The real ingenuity to making a cloaking device is yet to come," Dennis said.

March 31, 2006

best. nyc photo. evar

"Suspicious Activity?"
Originally uploaded by drewbic.
sorry, crossposting from flickr is tricky...

March 17, 2006

Web 2.0 or Star Wars

Cerado's Web 2.0 or Star Wars Quiz

Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors

Drops April 4th, but I've listened to half so far - sounds a bit old like Maladjusted, but working with the new guitarist means some fairly rocking tunes...... stay tuned for a full review!

March 16, 2006

Smiths turned down $5million reunion offer

The Smiths turned down $5 million reunion offer - Yahoo! News

March 5, 2006

Last minute Oscar Picks

Having not seen most of the pictures, here goes nothing -

Directing: Ang
Picture: Good Night
Actor: Hoffman
Actress: Witherspoon
Supporting Actor: Clooney
Sup Actress: Rachel Weisz
Animated: Howl's
Art Direction: King Kong
Cinematography: Brokeback
Costume: Geisha
Docu: March of the Penguins
Editing: Munich
Music: Brokeback
Sound Editing: King Kong
Sound Mixing: King Kong
Visual Effects: King Kong
Original Song: Hustle & Flow
Adapted Screenplay: Capote
Original Screenplay: Syriana

February 13, 2006

Dick being Dick

Dick Cheney shot somebody in the face Saturday (they covered it up until now, because that's all these people know how to do at this point)


Dick shot a TEXAS REPUBLICAN (who are pretty much despicable enough on their own) in the face.



Poetic Justice anyone? Why couldn't it have been Scalia?

February 7, 2006

CSI:Miami Drinking game

If David Caruso's acting wasn't so horribly BAD, this drinking game wouldn't be so GOOD

The David Caruso Drinking Game


On CSI: Miami, David Caruso plays Lt. Horatio “cool-as-a-cucumber” Caine, or “H” for short. Early NYPD Blue fans will remember Caruso as Andy Sipowicz’s first partner – and the guy who left the show in order to have a “movie career.”

But that didn’t quite happen. So now he’s back on TV leading the procedural crime drama ensemble (filmed in Manhattan Beach) -- which is great for those of us who want to entertain themselves on a really crappy television night (sorry Wife Swap fans). LAist, therefore, would like to introduce our version of “The David Caruso Drinking Game.”

We know that there are several versions of the CSI: Miami drinking game already out there, but we wanted to focus on the greatness that is David Caruso. You see, he plays H so seriously, so one-dimensionally, that we can’t help but guffaw at his dramatic acting tics. Without further ado, here are LAist's rules…

Get your favorite beer ready. (We thought about playing this with hard liquor, but that would be begging for alcohol poisoning before the first commercial break, so beer is the drink of choice for the Caruso.)

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February 1, 2006


thank you jaime for the the image, this is a raji.com exclusive!

It's kinda like a drug dealer telling you to quit drugs, and he knows how.

Hey kids, do you know what 9-11 is? It's the number of IQ points your average American has lost back in 2001!

January 26, 2006

American Mydol

I managed to completely avoid the entire mess until season 3, but I have an embarassing admission - I watch this thing.

Anyway I've got 2 early picks I'd like everyone to vote for:

Kellie Pickler - works at the drive-in restaurant we pass every year on the way to the beach in North Carolina, she comes from a really F'ed up family. She's adorable and hot hot hot. And she can sing really well; well, I mean, well enough to stand up with all the pop crap that comes out of that show.


May the schwarz be with you the Jewish chick who took a train from NY to NC after having surgery and sang pretty well

Anyway I've got a special place set aside for these 2

January 18, 2006

Trader Joe's comes to Manhattan

That's right folks cancel your Fresh Direct accounts, Trader Joe's is setting up shop in Union Square. Finally I get to make up for 10 years of $6 half-gallons of juice and .69 oranges. What's with the citrus sin tax in NYC?

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January 14, 2006

David Cross letter

David Cross goes off

If you can read this letter to yourself in his voice in your head, it's pretty damn funny....

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January 13, 2006

New Joisey: Come See For Yourself!

This is the tagline that edged out New Jersey: Come Smell For Yourself.

Now we all know NJ has a bad rap. NYers like to thumb their nose at Jersey. For edification purposes, we're thumbing away if you're FROM Jersey, not IN Jersey. Lot's of people moved there, hell I'd live there. But to be FROM Jersey is a whole 'nother story. Stay there long enough, and you too will be from Jersey. Be careful!