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January 26, 2006

American Mydol

I managed to completely avoid the entire mess until season 3, but I have an embarassing admission - I watch this thing.

Anyway I've got 2 early picks I'd like everyone to vote for:

Kellie Pickler - works at the drive-in restaurant we pass every year on the way to the beach in North Carolina, she comes from a really F'ed up family. She's adorable and hot hot hot. And she can sing really well; well, I mean, well enough to stand up with all the pop crap that comes out of that show.


May the schwarz be with you the Jewish chick who took a train from NY to NC after having surgery and sang pretty well

Anyway I've got a special place set aside for these 2

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January 18, 2006

Trader Joe's comes to Manhattan

That's right folks cancel your Fresh Direct accounts, Trader Joe's is setting up shop in Union Square. Finally I get to make up for 10 years of $6 half-gallons of juice and .69 oranges. What's with the citrus sin tax in NYC?

Trader Joe's to Open in New York

THE specialty grocer Trader Joe's will open a store near Union Square in about three months, a spokeswoman said yesterday, confirming a year's worth of reports that the national chain would join a growing list of food stores along 14th Street.

Trader Joe's, based in Monrovia, Calif., is best known for low-priced groceries and prepared and frozen foods. About 80 percent of what it sells carries the Trader Joe's label. A little more than a third of its merchandise is fresh, but also packaged.

It is also known for selling cheap Charles Shaw wine, known as Two-Buck Chuck because it sold for $2 a bottle when it was first offered.

The company, which has 250 stores in 19 states, will open at 142 East 14th Street, with a separate wine shop next door at 138 East 14th Street. It has 19 stores in the New York area, but none in New York City.

The spokeswoman, Alison Mochizuki, said there were no plans for other stores in the city.

At 15,000 square feet, including the wine shop, the new Trader Joe's will be less than a third the size of the Whole Foods that opened last year at 4 Union Square South. Balducci's recently opened a 10,000-square-foot store at Eighth Avenue and 14th Street, Garden of Eden has a store at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue, and four days a week, the city's flagship Greenmarket is in Union Square.

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January 14, 2006

David Cross letter

David Cross goes off

If you can read this letter to yourself in his voice in your head, it's pretty damn funny....

SO, I went and got your book, "Gitting-R-Donned", and excitedly skimmed past the joke about that one time you farted and something farty happened, on past the thing about the fat girl who farted and finally found it, . Well, needless to say I farted. I farted up a fartstorm right there in the Flyin' J Travel Center. I fartingly bought the book and took it home with an excitement I haven't experienced since I got Bertha Chudfarter's Grandma drunk and she took her teeth out and blew me as I was finger banging her while wearing a Jesus sock puppet in the back of the boiler room at The Church of the Redeemer off I-20 (I don't care who you are, that's funny.)

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January 13, 2006

New Joisey: Come See For Yourself!

This is the tagline that edged out New Jersey: Come Smell For Yourself.

Now we all know NJ has a bad rap. NYers like to thumb their nose at Jersey. For edification purposes, we're thumbing away if you're FROM Jersey, not IN Jersey. Lot's of people moved there, hell I'd live there. But to be FROM Jersey is a whole 'nother story. Stay there long enough, and you too will be from Jersey. Be careful!

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January 10, 2006

you gotta love the CSPAN

If you're watching yourself some ScAlito hearings, you can watch on CNN's 6-screen Situation Room, SuperHyperFOX BullshitVision, etc.

But our taxes pay for CSPAN, and thankfully, those tax dollars don't extend to proper call screening! When our congress goes on collective bathroom breaks, you get to enjoy some your craziest fellow Americans calling into cheapo CSPAN.

Update Thanks to Adam for my new Sirius radio, I'm listening to CSPAN radio at work, and today I worked from home and have been watching it. Scalito is following the edict: don't answer the question they ask, rather the one you want to answer. Watching him it seems as he's been coached by Roberts. He hasn't slipped up to the point that he will go down yet and the hearings have been very civil. At the same time, I haven't heard anything that would settle any of our fears about him or a court that has swung to the right. If the country has indeed swung back to the right, then so be it, but we all know that we've suffered through 2 defrauded elections, 1 defrauded war, and the center is in fact somewhere else. I'd hate to think that the only legacy of Bush's lame duck presidency was putting up 2 young white conversative WASP judges.

Bush said "don't call me a racist", but what do you call this?

BTW, I dont' support torture, EXCEPT IN GETTING A STRAIGHT ANSWER OUT OF THESE FUCKING JUDICIAL NOMINEES. Schumer held up the constitution and did his impression of Law and Order's interrogation room. Awesome drama!

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January 9, 2006

$5 M-F Loew's 34th Street

Click here to download printable PDF
34th street has Hostel, Kong, Match Point, Munich, and my strongly recommnded Syriana...

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I wish I made this up

The race for Republican Majority leader?

Blunt vs. Boener

A headline that could only been have dreamed up in Mad Magazine. Well Republican stooges, what do you expect when you scam Alfred E Neuman into office?

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January 8, 2006



For Ravi, this is for you. Second to freebasing beans, this might be the best you can do.

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Farid Zakaria

As of 2005 my favorite Sunday morning show is now George Stephanopolous's This Week. It helps that Meet the Press now podcasts, so I can get angry at the gym, but you gotta like George; he calls politicians on bullshit much moreso than Russert Potatohead.

If you can only watch one, watch this one, highly recommended.

Anyway, thank you Farid Zakaria for showing spine and pointing out when George Will is being a cocksucker, which is most of the time, to the point that Cokehead Roberts and David "Venom" Brooks have to try to talk you down. And thank you for being one of few foreigners in our press who "gets it" - wag of the finger to Katty Kay and that insufferable Andrew Sullivan; please don't tell me what I should think about my country and Andrew, a different kind of cocksucker, if you're going to coddle the party that is about as gay-friendly as a college football game, at least be consistent, will you?

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E-Gullet Society for foodies

It is seductive to post on message boards. Your opinions and insight are immediately commented on in a community of like-minded individuals. I hope you all check out the eGullet Society - all members are foodies if not chef/owner/operators. I've been on there a lot recently, so check out my posts...

Raji's extensive posts at Egullet

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January 6, 2006

Flight 93 Trailer just posted

Hari's friend Jaime Harding stars as one of the terrorists...

Director of the film is very good, Bloody Sunday is a great movie for those who have seen it.

Isn't there still significant conspiracy evidence surrounding these incidents?

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