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January 8, 2006

Farid Zakaria

As of 2005 my favorite Sunday morning show is now George Stephanopolous's This Week. It helps that Meet the Press now podcasts, so I can get angry at the gym, but you gotta like George; he calls politicians on bullshit much moreso than Russert Potatohead.

If you can only watch one, watch this one, highly recommended.

Anyway, thank you Farid Zakaria for showing spine and pointing out when George Will is being a cocksucker, which is most of the time, to the point that Cokehead Roberts and David "Venom" Brooks have to try to talk you down. And thank you for being one of few foreigners in our press who "gets it" - wag of the finger to Katty Kay and that insufferable Andrew Sullivan; please don't tell me what I should think about my country and Andrew, a different kind of cocksucker, if you're going to coddle the party that is about as gay-friendly as a college football game, at least be consistent, will you?

Posted by raji at January 8, 2006 12:44 PM


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