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July 9, 2006

Japanese port-o-potty

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This hiatus brought to you by....

Apple Computer!

After blatantly ignoring my own advice and ordering one of the first Macbook Pros off the assembly line, all was peachy as my homeostasis (my powerbook) seemed to hum along with the occasional speed boost thanks to actualy Universal Binaried Ying-Yanged software. Soon random I/O errors became major ones, and a 2 week bad-block scan confirmed my greatest fears - I got a lemon. While I've been able to swing my weight around in the past for some better access to the Apple Death Star, they didn't seem to be having it this time around.

Around April this thing spent a week sitting in the Apple Store Soho, victim of an errant character in the serial number, which is odd because they use barcode scanners for those by now. Once finally shipped to Texas, my prognosis was confirmed, a bad HD. So not only had I lost all the work I had used it for since first getting it around April 15th, but I was without the book for almost a complete month. In other words, I've been in a personal hell because my powerbook is like an arm or a leg and without it I am severly disabled.

To make matters worse, I was excited to upgrade to Movable Type 3.2 until I realized I already was running it. The last major update to this blogging software was almost a full year ago! Only now are they pubicly beta-testing version 3.3. In this downtime, something seems to have zapped a great many comments, among other things, so this environment too, will need some significant maintenance.

So, to this of you who actually read this thing, I'm sorry sorry sorry, but I have a few long plane rides ahead of me to finally get everything humming along again...

Until then, it's baseball season!~!!! Let's play ball!

Blog along with me and some Mets diehards!!

Why is it that the number of Mets blogs completely dwarfs any other team, especially the evil empire up in the Bronx?

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