January 13, 2006

New Joisey: Come See For Yourself!

This is the tagline that edged out New Jersey: Come Smell For Yourself.

Now we all know NJ has a bad rap. NYers like to thumb their nose at Jersey. For edification purposes, we're thumbing away if you're FROM Jersey, not IN Jersey. Lot's of people moved there, hell I'd live there. But to be FROM Jersey is a whole 'nother story. Stay there long enough, and you too will be from Jersey. Be careful!

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December 27, 2005

Top 50 Reasons to hate the New York Yankees

The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus: The Top 50 Reasons To Hate The New York Yankees (In No Particular Order) Enjoy please!

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December 20, 2005

Strike 3!

More bikes less cars! More bikes less cars! More bikes less cars!!! Whose streets?! Our streets! Whose streets?! Our Streets!! It's on folks, and I hope every single one of you buy a bike, learn how to ride in traffic and SAVE THE EARTH!!! Because that's the only way you're getting around baby.

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February 17, 2005

My favorite color is orange too

Had a few visitors from Japan for the past few - been off the grid -

Will write about what I think of this....


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